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The rules and requirements for the ad
  • To display your ad, you must have at least $10 of the traded crypt currency in your account.
  • To be able to use certain payment methods, you must pass an identity verification. Only then your ads will be visible.
  • The fee from users who placed an ad for each transaction is 1% of the total transaction amount. Information about all fees can be found on the corresponding page of our website.
  • After opening a transaction, the price cannot be changed, except in cases of an obvious price error.
  • You are not allowed to buy or sell bitcoins on behalf of others (brokerage).
  • You can only use payment accounts registered in your own name (payments from third parties are not allowed!).
  • You must specify your payment details in the ad or chat on the transaction.
  • All information exchange should take place on the site
  • Payment methods marked as 'High Risk' carry a significant risk of fraud. Be careful and always verify the identity of your transaction partners if you use a payment method marked as high risk.

Deal type

Ad goal
Select the type of announcement. If you want to sell bitcoins, make sure your P2CRYPT wallet has bitcoins.
What currency you want to make a deal in. Specify your preferred currency
The amount of profit you want to make over and above the market price. Use a negative value to buy or sell below the market price to make more transactions. For more complex pricing, use the pricing equation.
The unit price of the coin to be purchased or sold is indicated based on your benefit.
What currency you want to make a deal in. Specify your preferred currency

Additional information

Select the type of payment method
Brief comment on the bank
By choice. Minimum amount per transaction.
For online sale, your balance may also limit the maximum amount of transaction to be funded
Optional parameter. The days and hours on which the announcement will be displayed
(Otherwise it will be hidden).
More information about your trading.
Example 1: This advertising is for cash transactions only. If you want to make an online payment, please contact
Example 2: Make a request only when you can make a cash payment within 12 hours

Security parameters